Have you already left the Plan?

If you’ve still got retirement savings in the Plan but are no longer paying into it – either because you’ve left the Company or because you chose to leave the Plan – then you need to know what happens to your savings and how you benefit by still being a member.

Your retirement savings will continue to be invested and you can monitor these and change where your money is invested,  by logging in to the secure area of this website.  

Your benefit statement

Every year you’ll receive a benefit statement from the Plan that tells you how much you’re saving, how the investments have performed during the year, and the likely pension you would be able to buy with your savings at your chosen retirement date.

This will help you keep track of your retirement savings and enable you to work out your total savings alongside your other pension provisions to give you a full picture of your potential income in retirement.

If you die before you retire

If you have left the Company and you die before you retire, then your dependants will receive all of your retirement savings in the Plan.

However, because you weren’t employed by the Company at the time of your death, you’re not covered by the Company’s life assurance.  This would have paid out a lump sum and also possibly a 25% dependant’s pension.  These benefits are linked to being employed by the Company and aren’t linked to the Plan.