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Solving Problems and Complaints


If you have a query or problem relating to the Plan then please contact the Plan Administrator first.

If however you still don’t feel the matter has been resolved then you can contact the Trustee through the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure outlined here.

How it works

You can use this procedure if you are a current member of the Plan; a prospective member; someone who has a beneficial interest in the Plan or if you were in one of these categories in the six months before making a complaint.

There are two stages to the formal complaints procedure.

Stage 1

You will need to contact the Plan Administrators and ask them to send you the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure form which you’ll need to complete.  This is where you’ll outline what the problem is and as many facts about your case as possible along with your personal contact details.  You will then return it to the Plan Administrator and they will forward it to Morgan Sindall Group plc.

The Company Secretary will get back to you with their decision within two months of receiving your form. If they can’t make a decision within that timeframe (this is very rare), the Trustee Directors will explain why there’s a delay and offer a realistic date for their full reply.

Their final response will give the reasons for their decision along with any documentary or legislative support for it. If their decision is based on them exercising their discretionary powers, the Trustee Directors must say so (although they are not obliged to say why, or in what way, they have done so).

Stage 2

This is an appeal procedure which you can use if you’re not satisfied with the first decision.  You will need to send your appeal directly to the Trustee within six months of the response you received from Stage 1.

Written decisions by the Trustee will contain information about your right to put the matter to The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) or the Pensions Ombudsman, and how those organisations can be contacted.

If you are unable to make the complaint or appeal yourself, or if you prefer, you may ask a representative to act on your behalf.

Applications will also be accepted from an appropriate person who can act on behalf of a minor (or any person incapable of acting for themselves) and the personal representative of someone who has died.

Please note:

This procedure only applies to complaints from members about the Plan. It does not apply to any complaints or disputes between employees and their employer or where court proceedings have started or are being investigated by the Pensions Ombudsman.