Opting out

It may seem strange to talk about leaving just as you’re thinking of joining but you can change your mind if you really don’t want to be a part of the Plan.

Stay fit for the future

Just as stopping running or going to the gym will affect your fitness; so opting out of the Plan will mean you’re not saving as much as you could be. You'll lose out on the contribution your employer pays in for you and the tax relief the Government gives you. You’ll also get out of the habit of saving. 

So do you really want to opt out? Take a look at the Top 10 reasons to save.

How to opt out 

  • Within 30 days of being automatically enrolled

    If you opt out within 30 days of being automatically enrolled, the contribution you made via Salary Exchange will be reinstated in your subsequent pay. If you didn’t contribute via Salary Exchange then your contribution will be refunded to you. 

    To opt out you'll need to visit the opt out site. You'll need to provide your unique PIN, which you can find on the letter you received about being automatically enrolled into the Plan. 

  • After 30 days

    If you’ve been a member of the Plan for more than 30 days (whether through auto-enrolment or from joining the main Plan) you can still opt out of the Plan but instead of filling out the form online you’ll need to download and complete the Opt Out Form and return it to the Plan Administrator.  What happens when you leave the Plan after 30 days depends on how long you’ve been a member. Click here to find out more.


Your employer has to re-enrol you in the Plan every three years – as long as you’re still eligible. They’re required to do this by law, and you’ll need to opt out each time if you still don’t want to join the Plan.