How much have you saved?

If you're around 10 years away from when you want to retire, it's good to get into the habit of keeping a close eye on your total amount of savings.

You can find out how much you’ve saved by logging in and looking at your most recent benefit statement. This will show you:

  • How much money you may get from your Plan savings.
  • How much you may get from the State Pension.
  • How these amounts compare with the amount we think you’ll need to live on based on independent research of the UK population and how much you currently earn.

When you do check you should think about:

  • What income you’ll want once you’ve retired.
  • At what age you can afford to retire.
  • How long you’ll want your money to last.
  • If you’ve saved enough, and if not, how you can step up your savings before you retire.
Did you know?

You can change your contributions via the changing your contributions form or lump sum contribution form.

Of course, your total retirement income might not just be from this Plan alone – it can be made up of a variety of sources. In addition to your Morgan Sindall retirement savings, there will be:

  • Other pension pots
  • The State Pension
  • Any other savings

Getting in touch with previous pension schemes

It’s a good idea to find out how much you’ve saved in any other pensions you may have. If you no longer have the contact details, you can use the government site to find lost pension details:

Transferring pension benefits from a previous scheme

Did you know that you can (with the Trustee’s agreement) transfer savings from a previous pension scheme into this Plan?

If you’re thinking about transferring some of your savings in, it’s recommended you get in touch with an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). You can find an IFA local to you using