Are you on track?

Having something to aim for helps you work out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. This is true for fitness and also your money, including your retirement savings.

How to set your goals and check you’re on target

Read the steps below to find out more about goal setting and checking you’re on track for a financially fit retirement.

This isn’t a one-time deal – so here are a few more tips about when you might want to review your target:

  • Changes in personal circumstances such as new additions to the family, or changes to your personal relationships, health or employment, could mean that your target will change. It might need to go up or down depending on what has changed.
  • If you’ve had to dig into your savings or there have been changes to the investment market, your retirement savings may need topping up.
  • Changes to regulations could affect your retirement income. So it‘s important that you review your target and what you may need to do to achieve it at least once every few years.