If you choose to leave the Plan, then the options available to you depend on how long you have been a member of the Plan, and whether or not you have been automatically enrolled.

Take a breather

If you’re leaving the Plan but are still employed by The Morgan Sindall Group you’ll need to think carefully about your decision and consider what you’ll be missing out on. You’ll no longer receive:

  • the contribution your employer pays in for you 
  • the extra NI saving that gets paid in if you pay contributions through the Salary Exchange scheme 
  • the tax relief on your contributions.

Take a look at the Top 10 reasons to save before you decide to leave.

To find out more about what happens when you leave the Plan, click on the options below.

  • Within 30 days

    If you opt out within 30 days of joining the Plan (including if you were automatically enrolled), any contributions you made will be refunded to you. Or, if your contribution was made via the Salary Exchange scheme, then your salary will be reinstated. 

    If you were automatically enrolled into the Plan then you need to visit the opt out site.You'll also need to provide your unique PIN, which you can find on the letter you received about being automatically enrolled into the Plan. 

    If you were not automatically enrolled into the Plan then you need to complete the opt out form and send it to your payroll department.


    Your employer has to re-enrol you in the Plan every three years – as long as you’re still eligible. They’re required to do this by law, and you’ll need to opt out each time if you still don’t want to join the Plan.

  • After 30 days in the Plan

    If you leave before your default pension age of 65, and have been a member of the Plan for more than 30 days (or if you’ve transferred savings across from another pension) then your savings will remain in this Plan. Or you can choose to take a transfer to another pension arrangement – this is called a ‘transfer value’.

    If you remain in the Plan, you will become a ‘deferred’ member, which means that although you’re no longer paying contributions in to the Plan, your savings will remain invested until either you: retire, die, or transfer out of the Plan.

    If you became a deferred member of the Plan before April 2016 then there is a management charge for looking after your Account that is deducted every year. The amount of the charge is reviewed regularly.

    Contact the Plan Administrator if you have questions about transferring your retirement savings to a new employer or personal pension plan.

    Don't forget!

    If you do leave the Plan and become a deferred member with savings still in the Plan, you’ll need to keep the Plan Administrator up to date with any changes of address or if you need to change your Expression of Wish form because your circumstances have changed. You can do this online by logging in here. That way we’re able to send you statements and contact you when you’re due to retire, and take your retirement savings.

  • If you've transferred savings from another pension into this Plan

    You’ll have the same options on leaving the Plan as someone who has been a member for more than 30 days regardless of how long you’ve been a member of the Morgan Sindall Retirement Savings Plan.

  • Re-joining the Plan

    If you left the Plan after more than 30 days and kept your contributions in the Plan then re-joining the Plan is quite straightforward. A new Account will be set up for you, and you have the option to transfer over your contributions from your previous Account.

    Don't forget!

    Even if you’re no longer contributing into the Plan, you should still review your investment options if you’ve kept your retirement savings in the Plan, as often as you can. Your personal circumstances may have changed and your investment choices may need switching.