Investment choices

The amount of money you and your employer pay into the Plan is not the only way your retirement savings can grow in value.

Where the money is invested and how those investments perform, will have a big impact on how much you’re building up in your retirement savings over time.  

Understanding your investment options will help you start to put your money into training for the day you’ll need it.

Don't forget!

Remember, by law, neither the Trustee, nor your employer, can advise you on your investment choices. If you are in any doubt about how you want to invest your retirement savings, we recommend that you seek advice from an independent financial adviser. You can find a local independent financial adviser by contacting IFA Promotions at

Your options

There are two ways you can invest your retirement savings with the Plan.

1 – The Lifestyle Option

This is a ready-made investment strategy designed to meet the needs of a wide range of people in the Plan. It does most of the work for you by choosing where your money is invested (including one of our responsible investment funds) and moving your money into investments that bring in a steady return as you get older and closer to retirement. Click here to learn more about it.

If you choose this option, all of your retirement savings in the Plan will be invested in this way.

Although it’s designed to meet the needs of a wide range of people in the Plan, the lifestyle option may not be the right investment choice for all members.

2 – Creating your own investment strategy

This is where you get to decide where your money is invested and how much you want to invest in different types of funds.

It’s an important decision as the amount of retirement income you could receive from your savings will depend partly on how well your investments have performed over the years.

What you choose to invest in will depend on many things including how many years you have to go until retirement, how you feel about the ups and downs of investment performance, how you feel about responsible investment and what you want to do with your money when you come to retire.

To make it easy for you to see the difference between all the investment funds available for you to create your own investment strategy, click here for our simple comparison table.

Changing your investment choices

You can change your investment choices at any time, by logging in and completing the Your investment choices form.

When you first join the Plan, you will be asked to choose where your money is invested. 

If you were automatically enrolled into the Plan, your contributions (and those from your employer) will be invested in the Lifestyle Option, which is the default fund.  If you wish to change where your money is invested, please log in and complete the Your investment choices form.