Documents and Forms

Here you will find copies of various Plan documents including forms, guides and booklets. You'll also find general information about the Plan, a Pension Modeller to help you plan for your retirement and links to other useful websites.

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Forms and publications

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  • Guides
  • How to guide
  • Auto Enrolment Guide
  • Understanding your annual benefit statement - active members
  • Understanding your annual benefit statement - deferred members
  • Getting more out of your bonus - a bonus exchange guide
  • Retirement options comparison table
  • Forms
  • Changing Your Contributions Form
  • Application Form
  • Expression of Wish Form
  • Investment Choices Form
  • Lump Sum Contribution Form
  • Transfer In Authority Form
  • Auto Enrolment Opt In Form
  • Salary Exchange Opt Out Form
  • Leaving the Plan - Opt Out Form
  • Bonus Exchange Form
  • Fund Factsheets
  • Fund Comparison Table
  • Introduction of Legal & General Future World Fund
  • Retirement Growth Fund
  • World Emerging Markets
  • AAA-AA-A Corporate Bond Over 15 year Index
  • Cash Fund
  • Dynamic Diversified Fund
  • Ethical UK Equity Index
  • Managed Property Fund
  • Future World Fund
  • World ex UK Equity - GBP Currency Hedged
  • World (ex UK) Equity Index
  • UK Equity Index Fund
  • Over 5 Year Index Linked Gilts Index
  • Over 15 year Gilt Index
  • Retirement Income Multi-Asset
  • Annuity Lifestyle Option Factsheet
  • Changes to the Lifestyle Option 2013
  • 2015 Drawdown Lifestyle Option Announcement (1)