COVID19 Update

We are here to support you


Helping you and your retirement savings

Watch our videos here to help you understand more about the impact of the pandemic on your long term retirement savings.  Choose the one that relates to your age and how long you have to go until you plan to retire.


We’re aware that this is a difficult time for everyone and we hope that you are keeping safe and well.  As your administrator we would like to assure you that we have put plans in place to make sure we can continue to provide you with all the services we would do under normal circumstances. You can continue to use the secure area of the site to see your personal information, the contributions paid into your Account, review your annual pension statement, view and change some of your personal information and use the personalised pension planner.


If you are not registered on the secure area of the site or are having difficulty accessing it, we would encourage you to contact us by email rather than in writing, even if you’ve already been in contact by post. You’ll find details of the Plan’s dedicated email and helpline number here.


Avoid being taken in by Scammers

Criminals are taking advantage of the increased stress and worry that many people are feeling at the moment about their finances and approaching pension scheme members, savers and investors with fraudulent opportunities.


Scams are hard to spot and are often disguised with believable websites, testimonials and materials which make them look like the real thing.


If you don't spot fraudulent activity you could end up disclosing personal or financial information allowing the criminal to misuse your data.


We have two documents on this page.  The first one gives you guidance on how you can protect yourself.  The second one gives you a list of common fraud techniques.  There's also a short video about what to look out for to help protect your retirement savings.



Our three videos here - for Under 35s, those in mid-career, and those nearing retirement - give you a short 90sec insight into the potential impact of COVID-19 on your retirement savings.  It will be different depending on how long you have to go until you want to retire. 


You can also read the pdf document about the impact on investments of the current situation.